Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sitting Back

Today's dusk Moto Wheelie Session had light rain, wet ground, and tons of fun. Sitting way back on the WR's banana seat significantly improves control and launch grip. I found myself using much more throttle upon clutch-up to compensate for tire spin as the lightweight WR likes to slide much easier than bigger bikes. Occasionally, the launch slip would not occur and I'd end up aborting due to the simple fact that the front end shot up to near b.p. sooner than I expected. At least I'm getting a variety of experience out there.

This wheelie session brought me back to two basic understandings I've long held. The are:
  1. bicycle wheelies are so much easier than motorcycle wheelies
  2. motorcycle wheelies take more balls than bicycle wheelies because if/when you get it wrong on a moto, you know it's going to hurt

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